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Collections: Access and Troubleshooting

Problems accessing our databases? Try these quick tips.

Please try the following tips:

  1. Only current ULaw students and staff will have access to library resources. For students, your access to databases and other online resources begins 30 days before the start of your course and ends 60 days after your course end date.
  2. Browsers – you may find that you can access the databases by changing browsers e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.
  3. Clear cookies and cache. Instructions for individual browsers below:
  4. Using a private or incognito browser can also resolve issues. Instructions for individual browsers:
  5. Reset a previous institutions/University’s cookies – a starting point is to delete any eduroam and stored Wi-Fi passwords for network settings. If you are using a Mac, search for Keychain and delete old logins.
  6. Use your ULaw email, not your SRN, for the Username.
  7. There are alternative access routes for some of our databases - please check the next tab. You will need to use your ULaw email and password.
  8. If you are studying your course at one of our satellite campuses/partner institutions, and have both a ULaw login as well as a log in from the partner institution, we recommend the following tips to prevent access problems to ULaw library resources:
    • Use a different browser for each set of log in credentials e.g. use Firefox for your ULaw login and and Chrome for your partner institution log in
    • Log into Office365 with your ULaw email address before accessing any library resources or databases
    • Access databases and online library resources via the library website, UDiscover or your online reading list in ELITE
    • If you can't access something on a database which you think you should be able to, check that you are signed in with your ULaw login by signing out of the database and selecting the OpenAthens/institutional log in options to sign back in, selecting 'The University of Law' as your institution.

The University of Law subscribes to several databases to support your research and learning. OpenAthens is an authentication system which allows you to access online resources by logging into a platform with your university login details.

We recommend accessing library databases and online resources via the library's collections webpages, UDiscover or via your online reading list in ELITE. Accessing this way will redirect to resources through the ULaw login screen and automatically sign you into the resource via OpenAthens.

If you are accessing a database by going directly to the site (e.g. via Google), you may be presented with the option to sign in via OpenAthens or Find your institution. You will need to search for The University of Law - clicking on this will take you to the ULaw login screen, where you can enter your details. The next time you access the database, you should go straight to the ULaw login screen.

These links should enable you to access some of our subscriptions if the usual routes have not worked. Please note that you will need your ULaw email and password.

To access the alternative link for Legal Business, you will first need to log in to ELITE.

Business Source Premier


eBook Business Collection (EBSCOhost)



Legal Aid Manual

Legal Business

Legal Week

Lexis+ Legal Research

Lexis+ Practical Guidance

If none of the solutions in the other tabs have worked, please contact us.

You can report broken links to us directly from within UDiscover using the Report a Problem icon (exclamation mark in a speech bubble, shown in the screenshot), which displays at the bottom of every page in UDiscover. Please include an email address if you would like a response to your report.

Screenshot of the Report a Problem icon from UDiscover; an exclamation mark within a speech bubble

You can also refer directly to materials from our service providers at the following pages:

You can also request books or articles not currently held in the library collection via our online request form. Please ensure you've searched on UDiscover before submitting a request. Guidance on using UDiscover is available on our Searching and Borrowing page.

Access and Troubleshooting - Specific Resources

VLE Books can be accessed via the Online Collections page, in the eBook platforms box. VLE Books are also included in UDiscover search results.

Books displaying 'Preview'

If you don't see the options for Read Online or Download on the book you are trying to access, select the Preview option.

Preview and Download Citations buttons on VLE Books

This will open a 5 minute free preview of the book. If you wish to continue reading beyond the free preview, return to the VLE Books page for the title. You should now see a Request Access button - click on this and fill in the short form. After submitting this, the book should be available for full access.

You can request access a maximum number of 5 times within a 24 hour period.

Pop-ups and Read Online

VLE Books uses pop-ups to open the book using the 'Read Online' option. If you get an error message, or nothing happens, when selecting Read Online, pop-ups may be blocked in your browser or device.

Apple/iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, Macs) typically have pop-ups blocked by default.

Instructions for enabling pop-ups:

Downloading eBooks

You can download a book from VLE Books for either 1 or 2 days (depending on the license type).

Click on the Download button underneath the title to start a download. To view a downloaded book from VLE Books, first you must have registered with Adoble Digital Editions for an account. (you must use your University of Law email address). Go to Get Started with Adobe Digital Editions to register. You can use Adobe Digital Editions to read the downloaded title. You can also try Pocketbook app on mobile devices (available from Google Play or Apple App Store) - you still need to use your Adobe Digital Editions password with this.

Loan and reservation limits

  • You can loan a maximum of 5 titles on VLE Books at any one time. You can request an extension on a loaned book on VLE Books up to 5 times.
  • If all copies or licenses of a title on VLE Books are in use, you can choose to place a reservation. You can reserve up to 5 books at a time on VLE Books.
  • If you reserve a title on VLE Books, you will then have 8 hours to first access this once you are notified that it has become available.
  • You can also search on Bibliu to see if we have an alternative copy of the book available. If you are studying Education, Psychology, Policing or Criminology, you can also search on Perlego.


See our guide on Accessibility options for VLEbooks for details of the accessibility features available. Detailed information on all supported accessibility features is available from VLE Books in their accessibility statement

Bibliu can be accessed via the Online Collections page, in the eBook platforms box. You will not be able to find links to books on Bibliu on UDiscvoer. To access, search on Bibliu directly or access titles via the links on your readings lists on ELITE.

You may see an error message when trying to access some titles on Bibliu:

Some books on Bibliu only have limited copies or licenses available and this error message displays when all licenses are in use. Bibliu is primarily used to supply content for course reading lists. We use the number of students taking a course or module to determine how many copies of a title to purchase.

If you encounter this error message:

  • If you have accessed a Bibliu link from a reading list, check whether any other links to the title are available there
  • Search UDiscover for alternative copies of the same book we may have available from other providers e.g VLE Books
  • If you still cannot access, please contact


Information on accessibility features is available via Bibliu's support pages

The Solicitors Journal can be accessed via the Online Collections page, in the eJournals box. This will take you to a ULaw login page, with a login box on the right. Please enter your ULaw email address and ELITE password. This should take you directly to the homepage of the Solicitors Journal. (You may notice that once you are on the homepage, you can still see an option to 'sign in': this can be ignored.)

N.B. Once logged in, you must click Accept Cookies to gain full access to articles.

Login issues

There is a known issue with accessing the Solicitors Journal where following the above steps leads to the below screen, which will not accept your ULaw login details.

Support: For this and any other access issues please contact:

The Financial Times (FT) can be accessed via the Online Collections page, in the eJournals box. You'll need to register an account with your ULaw details the first time you sign in to then access articles on the FT website .

Enter your details using your University of Law email address. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click 'Join'. You will receive an email with an verification link. Please follow the link and sign in to access all FT content.

If you are accessing from outside of the library site, e.g. via Google, then you can click on Sign In. After entering your ULaw email address, will recognise you as being eligible to access via the ULaw subscription. Click on SSO Sign In to access.

N.B. You will need to sign in with your ULaw email and password to access the FT but no longer require a separate password.

If you experience any issues when signing into the (for example, it's asking you to re-register when you already have an account), please try the following:

  • Clear your browser's cookies first, close and then reopen the browser and try to re-access as normal.
  • Use Incognito or other private browsers to access
  • You can also access it by clicking "Having problems logging in?" and it will generate a code that will be sent via email, which you need to enter into the next field.

Useful links

  • myFT Tour - an introduction to myFT, which helps you track the FT content most relevant to your needs.
  • ePaper - a digital replic - a of the daily print edition of the FT, which can be read on any device.
  • Lex - the FT's agenda-setting column on business and finance.
Support: For any access issues please contact:


Information on the accessibility of is available on their website:

Perlego titles can be accessed via your online reading lists or via the programme collections pages for Education, Psychology, Policing and Criminology. You'll need to register an account with your ULaw details to access eBooks on Perlego's online library:

N.B. You will need to sign in each time you access Perlego.

Some useful videos for accessing and using Perlego:

Support: For any access issues please contact:


Information on supported accessibility features is available via the Perlego Help Centre

The Times Higher Education (THE) can be accessed via the Online Collections page, in the eJournals box. You'll need to register an account with your ULaw details to access THE articles:

N.B. You will need to sign in each time you access THE

ULaw-published manuals and textbooks used for the PGDL, GDL, LPC and SQE courses are accessible to all students via ELITE.

To access these, first log into ELITE. All manuals and textbooks are linked to from the Online Collections page, grouped together by course.

If you try and access without first logging into ELITE, the following error will display:

ELITE error message

Your ULaw log in will not work here - you need to go to ELITE directly to log in.

There are also records for individual titles available on UDiscover with links to access via ELITE, or (for SQE only) via Bibliu.

Links to access manuals via Bibliu and ELITE on UDiscover

Statista can be accessed from the Online Collections page, in the Databases section. There is also a link to Statista eCommerce Insights.

Log in details for Statista eCommerce Insights

The eCommerce Insights section of Statista requires an additional log in than the rest of the database (which just requires your ULaw email and password).

To view the additional log in details required:

  1. Go to UDiscover
  2. Click on Sign In and enter your ULaw email and password
  3. Search for 'Statista'
  4. Click on the Database result for Statista to open the record
  5. The log in details for Statista eCommerce Insights, alongside a link to access, will display in the View Online section
  6. On Statista eCommerce Insights, click on Log In and enter the username and password from UDiscover

ULaw is rolling out the provision of online reading lists across its programmes The PgDL do not yet have them and the LPC only has one for the Law and Business Module. Reading lists are also not available for SQE.

To access your online reading list, follow these steps:

  1. In Elite click Courses from left hand menu and then select your module.
  2. From the module click Reading, then click on the Reading List link.
  3. Open up each section in the list to see and link to the reading then click on each item to view it.

Watch our video demonstrating how to access online reading lists.

N.B. Synap is not managed by the Library Service.

You can access Synap Revision Portal in two different ways:

  • Follow the link to the Revision Portal and follow the instructions to sign up with your University of Law email address. You can save the link to your device for future use.    
  • Access the link through the Synap area at the top of your course.

The below video provides a quick overview on how to access, use the system:

If you still have technical difficulties, please get in touch with Synap directly using the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of the portal.

If you are unable to gain access please contact ULaw IT Service Desk.

N.B. Lecture Recordings on Panopto are not managed by the Library Service.

You can access lecture recordings in the Media Banks on ELITE, accessible via the Courses section. The recordings are hosted on Panopto: if you are asked to sign in, select ELITE from the dropdown menu and you should be able to sign in with your ULaw login details.

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